As bad as the smoke can get this time of year, it sure brings some peace at the end of a busy harvest day with beautiful sunsets.
What If We Built Billings Now?
The majority of American cities and towns are located where they are due to their close proximity to water and/or railroads. But, let's pretend that we were all just given this land where we live now, and it had nothing on it anywhere and we would get to place all of the buildings and even add …
National Left Handers Day
I'm not left handed, but my brother was and my niece is. And I see that both Paul McCartney and Phil Collins are as well.
I'm curious. Is it still a "Right Handed World?" Or, has the internet made it possible for you "Lefties" able to get what you need...
Golf Courses Are Like Women
I was just thinking about how you can compare a golf course to a woman after my round at Briarwood yesterday.
Lets say that both are very attractive. And at the start of the round yesterday, it reminded me of when you first start dating a gal...
Seths Sweet Corn Is Back
If you've listened to us for any length of time then you know my affinity for music trivia, Sheryl Crow and corn on the cob.
And one of best spots to get some corn is from Seth's Sweet Corn located at 5443 Hesper Road.
He's open today until 6 pm...
Top 10 Country Artists of the 1980s
The '80s were a transitional decade for country music: a time when artists could try out different styles and approaches -- and, by extension, adopt new traditions that would come to reverberate in the '90s and beyond.

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