Never Too Cold For Shorts
Montanans defy the cold weather and wear shorts when they want. What does the temperature have to drop below before you will give up your summer weather gear
Enjoy Your Last Day Of Summer Billings
However you are spending today, I hope there is some sunshine involved. Today is a pretty perfect day for a summer time send off. Fall officially hits at 7:54 p.m. Just a few hours left. Make them count!
I Love Sunrise
I'm always happy when Friday rolls around. It means that I get to sleep in a little bit later than normal. And it means that I can watch the sun come up while I drink my coffee.
With the cooler weather, I have to bundle up a little bit while sitting on my patio, but it's worth it...
Another Great Week
Wrapped up another great week here at the CAT. Next week another opportunity to sign up for the Flakes trip and much more. Thanks for your listener ship as we get into our busy time of year. See ya Monday at 5; GO CATS and Grizz, I guess...
Things That I've Learned In The Last 5 Hours
It's been an eventful day for me. I've learned that my girlfriend is actually pretty understanding when I "Pocket Dial" her twice before 5 a.m. As is my friend, Chris. Sorry.
Then I learned that I needed to deactivate my house alarm BEFORE I open the door to leave...

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