It’s always good to hear when enemies can come together. It’s no secret that Montana and Montana State have had a heated rivalry on the football field for years. Their game is one of the most anticipated clashes of the season. Vacations and weekends are planned around the games.

But when a player from one of the teams gets hurt, that rivalry disappears!  Such is the case Bobcat senior quarterback Denarius McGhee suffered a painful separated shoulder in his team's 31-30 loss at SMU on September 7th.

University of Montana coach Mick Delaney put the rivalry on the shelf and sent a handwrtitten note to the injured MSU quarterback.

First - who writes a letter by hand anymore? Doesn’t the coach have a computer?

The note said that the Griz team felt badly about his injury and wished him luck in his rehab.

UM players acknowledged the letter and called it a classy move by their respected rival.  The players tweeted a picture of McGee and the letter on Thursday, and thanked Delaney and the Grizzlies.

McGhee will be out until sometime in October. But should be back for the 113th meeting of the of the two teams set for November 23 in Bozeman. It should be an interesting game!