With Halloween coming up next week, Mark and Paul certainly hope the hoodlums in your neighborhood aren't nearly as mischievous as they were back in the day.  Growing up in Cincinnati, Paul may or may not have participated in a tradition known as "danger night".  Every year, on the night before Halloween, the juvenile delinquents in Paul's neighborhood would wreak havoc by throwing eggs, toilet papering houses and soaping windows.

The streets of Great Falls, Montana, weren't quite as mean for Mark.  While denying any culpability, Mark did admit that when a local house was toilet papered, the shame and indignity would stay with the family for months.  Of course, Mark and Paul were far too concerned with their studies to participate in those sophomoric shenanigans.  However, they urge you to be cautious of the teenagers in your neighborhood.  Sleep with one eye open and hopefully the vandals won't hit your house.