Tons of fun was had tonight at Billings's first Alive After Five for the year!

We had great music at Andy's Bar from the Rock Bottom Drifters and The Jaded Ladies to hang out too.  Plus, a vast amount of people to hang out with!  Of course drinks too.  Must love the drinks(drink responsibly though)!

I love Summer.  This is partly why.  Billings people come out, listen to great music, hang out and generally have  great time.  Oh and don't forget the food. There was some good food as well!  And this is only the first Alive After Five!  I can hardly wait until next weeks!

Tara Nicole

Speaking of next weeks...It's at the Gazette's with music by Zen.  I hope to see you all there with bells on!  Well, hopefully not.  But if you do wear them, I'm totally getting my picture taken with you and posting it on here! Ha, ha!