So have you found yourself tempted as a parent to grab a goody that your kid has collected on Halloween?  If so, apparently you are not alone.

Found this statistic funny as 9 out of 10 parents admit to sneaking treats out of their kid's goody bags after Halloween.  So we asked on Facebook what some of the "favorites" are to steal, and the candy that is a "least favorite" to grab.

  • Adina Alverson I love mini Resses Cups, hate black licorish.
  • Dan Sajtar Smarties!!!!!
  • Ty Dick i would steal their reesees, and let them keep the candy corn...but i dont have kids soooo
  • Leatrice Pickett Milky way, all the way and do not like Smarties, ugh!
  • Lindsey Oksness Schlicting Kit kat is my fave!
  • Cheryl Goffena My husband requires 10%...from his kids, now his grandkids are making sure Papa gets his 10% down to counting them...Got to love a sweet tooth...
  • Lynsey Ross Lund We always bribed my dad with Almond Joys and Mounds so he'd leave the rest alone :) I like to steal mini PB ups and Nerds. Won't touch the ones I gave to dad ;) Or Whoppers, gross.
  • Jennifer Sanderson-Werner Reeses or snickers are my fave. Anything gummy i will not touch unless its sour.  Or anything with coconut. YUCK!!!!
  • Desiree Fillner Twizzlers
  • Heather C. Kohlman um snickers n butter fingers yum yum hope my sugars all so I can eat some!

If your favorite candy isn't listed here, let us know in the comments section!