What if I told you that Top Shot was coming to Billings? Would that excite you?

What if I told you that we were putting together our own shooting competition that will be fashioned after the TV show Top Shot? Excited?

If things work out right, in mid-October we’ll be hosting the first Top Shot of Billings competition at Three Sites Shooting range. As I said, right now we’re in the planning stages and doing a lot of behind the scenes work.

We want to craft this event into something that you want to be a part of…so I get to ask you: what you would like to do in a shooting competition. It’s an open book. Get creative.

Send me an email and let me know what you think would make a fun and entertaining AND challenging shooting competition round. We are planning on having 8 different challenges with 24 teams competing.

So put some thought to it and send me a note. You never know, we might be using your idea at the Top Shot of Billlings completion.