This month, Mark and Paul are celebrating their 26th anniversary with Cat Country.  Starting Monday, the search begins for the Ultimate Flakes Fan.  And if you're the biggest Flakes fan, we're gonna deduct $500 from Mark and Paul's next paycheck and give it to you.  (Happy anniversary guys)

Here's the deal:  There's two ways you can win.  Starting Monday, we're gonna post the Flakes Fan quiz online.  There will be 10 questions in the quiz (they will be tough).  Everyone who gets more 7 correct answers will go into the grand prize drawing.

You'll also have the chance to win on the air.  Every morning (starting Monday), the Flakes will pose a different question from their 26 years on the air here at Cat Country.  Be the first person to call in with the correct answer and you'll win one of our brand new Camo Cat Country hats and we'll put your name in the grand prize drawing.

Check back on Monday and wake up with the Flakes every day for your chance to win.  Good luck and thanks for making us the longest running morning show in town.