When Janine Dunn decided it was time for Ronnie to get out of the house and go back on the road, there were a lot of things to consider.  One was the idea of blogging, something Ronnie didn't deal with in the Brooks and Dunn days.  In January, Ronnie wrote his first (and to date) only blog post on www.RonnieDunn.com.

Here's an excerpt:

Ronnie's 1st Blog

So, welcome to the new website. I think the girls at the office have done a good job getting it up and going.
Thanks Amanda, Marne and Camy.
It's a work in progress.

I'm a control freak. Something around me seems to always be out of control. Hmmmm?

Website, sounds like as good of a place as any, in today's cyber world to keep in touch.
If you're the people that listen to my music and put up with my nonsense, here's a place for you.

OK...back to the site. I've photographed a lot of the background pictures. Ansel Adams, I'm not. But, I really enjoy killin' time with a Canon Mark ll camera.
I caught the raven, on the first page just as he lifted off the ground on the Bonanza Creek Ranch, twenty-five miles South of Santa Fe.
I was there filming videos for several of the songs on the new record.
Steven Spielberg was over the hill filming some movie called Cowboys and Aliens.
Thank you Imogene Hughes for sneaking us in through the back gate.
Native Americans say that ravens are the wise spirits of ancestors that have come back from the other side.
OK, I'm down with that. I'll take all the wise input that I can get. Thanks for posing for the picture, whoever you are / were.

You can read the rest at RonnieDunn.com

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