Most people think that radio station personalities just work 4 hours a day talking over song intros and then we go home. Most of us do much more behind the scenes (this blog and the others like it for instance). Not all of it is glamorous but more often than not working in radio is a blast.

For instance part of my work duties are going on-stage and announcing great bands like The Band Perry. They give me a microphone and let me go onstage and joke for a few minutes with the crowd and then announce the bands. With all the people in the arena I get to feel just a tiny fraction of what it must be like for superstars hearing the roar of the crowd. Then... the mic cut out on me before I could finish my schtick. Oh well, still a blast and The Band Perry couldn't have been nicer and they're great performers to boot.

The pic above is my view right before I had to go on-stage. See you at the next show!