Living and working in downtown Billings, I eat out almost every day.  And there's plenty of options.  For burgers, you can't go wrong with the Burger Dive.  For steaks, it's tough to beat Jake's.  The Rex is famous for having the best onion rings in town.  And when you're in the mood for an upscale dinner, Walker's is always an excellent choice.

But today's topic is sandwiches.  Here's a few of my favorites (in no particular order):

The Bayou Po' Boy at Cafe Zydeco on Montana Avenue.  This tasty cajun joint has several superb sandwiches, but the Bayou Po' Boy is their best.  Piled high with deep fried shrimp, crawfish and veggies, the star of this dish is the spicy aioli.

The Reuben at Sweetgrass Sandwich Company on 1st Avenue.  This popular lunch spot serves a variety of outstanding sandwiches.  With apologies to their Green Curry Chicken Salad, which is phenomenal, the Reuben is my favorite item on the menu.  It's tough to find a good Reuben in Billings, but this one will make you feel like you're at an east coast deli.

The Fried Green Tomato BLT at Hooligan's on Broadway.  While the Irish fare at Hooligan's can't compete with Pug Mahon's, there are a few standouts on the menu.  The bread is what really sets apart this sandwich, which features thick juicy bacon slices, lettuce and a crispy fried green tomato on a warm, soft pretzel bun.  Just don't fill up on the free peanuts before you order this one.

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese at McCormick Cafe on Montana.  This quaint cafe boasts one of the best breakfast menus in town, but they make a mean sandwich too.  And this one puts your mom's grilled cheese to shame. Sauteed onions are the unsung hero of this sandwich, which comes on grilled bread, with three cheeses, and bacon.  Try to save room, if you can, for one their excellent pastries.

The Philly Cheese Steak at Blondie's on 27th Street.  It's a few blocks south of downtown, but this old school 50's style diner makes a greasy Philly Cheese Steak that's big enough to feed an elephant.  Seriously, it's huge.  Bonus points for the soft french roll they serve it on.

Honorable Mention:
The Black Bean Hummus wrap at Rockets on 1st Avenue.  Ok, so it's not technically a sandwich, it's a wrap.  But Rocket's has a bunch of really good ones.  My favorite Rockets wrap changes weekly, but lately I've been craving the Black Bean Hummus.  Their hummus is handmade and comes with roasted chicken, fresh veggies, and a tangy dressing.  Pick a side of the red pepper hummus to dip your chips in.