This week, the Flakes said goodbye to a dear friend.  Not a permanent goodbye thankfully. The great Sandra Hawke, who has been the Marketing Director at Metra Park for the past 25 years, retired this week.  Both Mark and Paul have had the pleasure of working with Sandra since the early days at Cat Country.  We couldn't even begin to count all of the concerts and events we have worked with Sandra on over the years.

As sad as we are to see Sandra go, we are also looking forward to some positive changes at Metra Park.  If you've ever wondered why major acts and attractions often skip over Billings, it's because Metra Park rarely promotes their own events.  They rent out the venue to outside promoters who are willing to assume all the risk.

For the past several years, budget constraints have limited Metra Park from pursuing big money concert tours.  But that could be changing.  Insiders say Metra Park is reconsidering their booking policies and will now be open to promoting or co-promoting future events.

They have had some success promoting events in the past.  Several years ago, Metra Park co-promoted the popular "Walking with the Dinosaurs" Exhibit, which drew over 20,000 fans during a week long run.  Here's hoping that we'll see more events coming to Metra Park in the near future.