As I mentioned Friday, had it not been for Bike, Walk, Bus Week I would not even have known about the Loan-A-Bike program through the Downtown Billings Association. They loan out Cannondale hybrid bikes (road and dirt equipped) at no charge. You just have to show your I.D. and give them an imprint of your credit card for security.

So I borrowed a bike to ride this weekend. Then of course, it rains... and rains... and rains. Ironically the driest part of the weekend was Saturday morning. So I wake up and feel very lazy. I decide to drink some coffee before my ride to build up my energy. I go to my favorite coffee roasters (oops, did I give it away?) and then head back to my loft to get ready for a brisk ride. That was about 10:30am. Right about the same time it started raining. Ugh. Luckily it let up a little in the early evening just enough to go for a 5 mile ride and that is when I was able to snap the pic above. One of the cool things about that trail which borders the east side of Billings-Logan International Airport is that every half mile or so there is a stop with some interesting factoids about the geology. For instance I thought the rims were formed by a glacier but came to find out that where I was biking used to be beachfront property and that what is now Billings used to be part of an ancient sea. I wonder if the Neanderthals were pissed that their property values took a dive... relatively speaking :-)

Of course, Sunday was fairly miserable and I didn't get out to bike at all. If you're going to ride next weekend however, the weather should be much nicer... sunny with a high of 76 on Saturday!