Stop me if you've heard this before.  The Billings Gazette wrote another editorial about concerts today.  If you're scoring along at home, they have now officially run out of subjects to write about.

Today, the Gazette wrote "it's not Paul McCartney, but it's a positive move" in reference to the recently announced Tim McGraw concert at Metra Park.  Of course, there is one obvious reasons why stadium acts like Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones don't come to Billings.  Because we don't have a stadium.  If we had a stadium, maybe stadium tours would come here.

Mark and Paul are convinced that the Gazette wouldn't be satisfied until Metra Park spends over a million dollars of the taxpayer's hard earned money to bring a band like U2 to town.  After all, Tim McGraw is one of the biggest names in country music and they're still not satisfied.  There's not many acts out there that are popular than Tim McGraw.

After the Tim McGraw tickets go on sale Friday, the Flakes are planning to conduct an experiment.  We're going to find out how many of the Gazette's employees purchased a ticket to one of the upcoming concerts they claim to be so hungry for.  We'll be surprised if more than 5 of them actually put their money where their mouths are.