As we brace ourselves for more winter weather this weekend, here's a disturbing statistic. Billings is one of the snowiest cities in America this year.

According to the website (which we're pretty sure has nothing to do with "yellow" snow), Billings has now dropped to 13th place after cracking the Top 10 last week.    Of course, all of that could change in a few days when the next winter storm rolls through town.

So far this year, Billings has received 65 inches of snow, more than double the annual average.  In a normal year, we'd have had 33 inches on the ground by the end of February.

It could be worse.  Just be thankful we don't live in Syracuse.  With 100 inches of snowfall, they are the leading contenders to win this year's "Golden Snowball Award" for the snowiest city in the United States.