Carrie Underwood turns up among a few celebrity faces in the trailer for Andy Samberg and Lonely Island's new movie, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. The film is scheduled for release this spring.

Tim Meadows and Imogen Poots also star in this Judd Apatow production, but the cast includes appearances or full roles from celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Simon Cowell, Adam Levine, comedian Sarah Silverman, Seal and Pink.

Underwood’s appearance in the trailer comes at about :36. She says “Conner’s hot!” right after Cowell remarks that Conner 4 Real — the pop star — is saving the record industry. It's all part of a montage of celebrities praising the Conner 4 Real, the film's main character.

Samberg portrays Conner 4 Real, a superstar who releases an album that flops, so he’s forced to reunite his old boyband. IMDB says the release date is June 3. It’s not clear how expansive the country singer's role in the movie is, if anything beyond what's shown here.

Of course, this isn't Underwood's first acting gig. She famous starred in the television version of The Sound of Music in 2013, as well as the movie Soul Surfer. She also made an appearance as Tiffany in the CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother in 2010.

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