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Carrie Underwood is Coming To Billings
We received the awesome news this morning that Carrie Underwood will indeed be coming to Billings with her Storyteller Tour.
Take your "Smoke Break", bring out your "Little Toy Guns", find "Something In The Water" and be prepared to be "B…
Hot Rod Dishes Out the Dishes on Today’s Show
We've still have lots of tickets to give and even more fun topics to chat about on today's show. Clawin' Your Way Home is on.

Do you know someone that shares a name with a horror film character?
What's the strangest or funniest thing you've seen at a karaoke bar
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Hot Rod Delivers Sweetness, Yet Again
It's Monday Cat Pack and you know what that means. Another Free Donut Driveby.
Hot Rod Thompson went on the hunt again this morning and found Energy Laboratories Inc. had entered to win three dozen donuts from Log Cabin Bakery. From there, the delivery was on...
A Ticket BLOW OUT with Hot Rod!
Tickets, Tickets...Come get your tickets!
Headwaters Country Jam 3 Day Passes with a $50 gas card, WWE Live want 'em and we got 'em!...lots of 'em and Hot Rod Thompson is dishing them out all afternoon long!
As a matter of fact, he almost needs a secretary to keep tra…
My Top Family Halloween Movies
We're getting ever so close to Halloween here in Billings and the shows are in full swing! Every night when I get home, we make it a point to watch one good family Halloween movie after dinner. There are plenty to choose from, but only a select few are our favorites...
Hauntedness Is Coming Up! [Video]
Get ready for a chilling good time Cat Pack! Hot Rod Thompson is on your radio every weekday from 2-7 and here's what he has planned for your today.
Have you ever moved into a house and found out later someone had died there? Was it Haunted...
Congratulations United Blood Services in Billings!
It's Monday and you know what that means. Another Free Donut Drive By!
We drew Lori Henderson from United Blood Services at 1444 Grand Ave in Billings for this week's delivery! I cruised over this morning with 3 dozen Log Cabin Bakery donuts and they came a runnin'...
A Few Signs Fall Has Arrived in Billings
Sitting in the Cat Country Studio each weekday afternoon give me an awesome view of our beautiful city. One thing I have noticed over the past few weeks is the gradual change of color in the city's trees.
I do believe Fall is here.
My family and I took a little drive this past Sunday and visited …
Clawin’ Your Way Home! [Video]
Are you Clawin' Your Way Home with Hot Rod Thompson? If not, now is the time to start. Live and Local radio right here in Billings, Montana.
He's always taking your calls at 406-248-5665 and wants to hear from YOU!
On today's show, Hot Rod is getting you in the spirit of "Bosse…

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