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Getting Kids More Involved at Dinner
The hard part about having a larger family is finding something that every can agree on at dinner time. It seems even harder to have them come running to the dinner table and begging for more.
One thing about my family is we love food and dinner time is a time to get together, enjoy each other's…
32-Year-Old Woman Charged with Deliberate Homicide
A 32-year-old female, address unknown, has been charged with deliberate homicide in connection with the death of a 25-year-old man outside Domino's Pizza on Main Street on Tuesday, according to Lt. Casey Hafner.
Shortly after 4 p.m. Tuesday, Billings police dispatch received a call regarding an alleg…
Should Men Wear Ties At Work?
While visiting with some friends of mine who are all business professionals, I asked them if they wore ties at work.
My banker friend said that he did from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
The investment advisor wears one every day. And the outside salesman said that he wore it for appointments, but took it…
Billings Game Time Goodies
The best things in life can be found with a group of friends watching your favorite team taking on their biggest rival, especially when they're winning, of course. You've got great beer, great friends and of course, great food.
My family has a favorite when it comes to game day...
How Do Billings School Lunches Rate?
Growing up in a very small town where everyone knew everyone and there was a high chance you were related to them made for some nice things. For example, school lunch wasn't that bad.
My classmates and I rarely, if ever, brought our own lunch to school...
Flu Shot, Good or Bad in Billings? [Opinion]
Flu season will be here before we know it. That miserable sickness is something I'd rather not think about. It hurts, it's gross, lasts forever and is just a pain to deal with.
About three years ago, my family and I started getting the flu shot to deal with it...
Is Billings a Dog or Cat Town?
It's the old question, are you a dog or cat person?
This one question at times seems to divide people. Crazy, huh?
I used to profess my dislike for cats. I thought dogs were the only way to go. They appreciate you when you get home, they seem to love you to the end with no questions asked and so …

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