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How Do Billings School Lunches Rate?
Growing up in a very small town where everyone knew everyone and there was a high chance you were related to them made for some nice things. For example, school lunch wasn't that bad.
My classmates and I rarely, if ever, brought our own lunch to school...
Flu Shot, Good or Bad in Billings? [Opinion]
Flu season will be here before we know it. That miserable sickness is something I'd rather not think about. It hurts, it's gross, lasts forever and is just a pain to deal with.
About three years ago, my family and I started getting the flu shot to deal with it...
Is Billings a Dog or Cat Town?
It's the old question, are you a dog or cat person?
This one question at times seems to divide people. Crazy, huh?
I used to profess my dislike for cats. I thought dogs were the only way to go. They appreciate you when you get home, they seem to love you to the end with no questions asked and so …
What Does Billings Think About Toasting? [Opinion]
My wife and I got into a discussion recently about Pop Tarts. Yeah, I know, we dig deep into the soul.
We tried the new seasonal pumpkin pie Pop Tart and it went into the subject of toasting them. I haven't had a toasted Pop Tart since I was a kid while she claims she has never toasted them...
Take Your Kids to Work Billings?
In this hustle and bustle we call life, it can sometimes be hard to get quality time with those you love so much. Last week was definitely one of those times for me.
I love my job so much, but it can be very time-consuming. With five little ones at home, I have to find ways to make it up for them and…
“House Lotteries” Aren’t a New Thing in Montana
I see a lot of people talking about this article making the rounds on Facebook now. "Write the best essay and you can buy this $400,000 house for only $199!" I'm not sure why this particular thing is such a big deal right now, because it's nothing new...
Dan + Shay Show in Billings Was Awesome [Opinion]
Thursday night was a great show. If you were there, you know. New country duo Dan + Shay, presented by 1111 Presents at Babcock Theater was amazing.
From the second the guys walked out onto the stage, they owned it. A mostly high-energy show that kept those in attendance thriving and wanting mor…
Debate Over Toilet Paper in Billings
My wife and I have been married for eight years. Since day one, it's been a debate over toilet paper. Of all things, toilet paper. Yep, I said toilet paper.
After eight years, we still cannot agree on whether it should unroll over the top or drape back behind...
Walmart Has Been a Huge Benefactor for Flakesgiving
I can't think of a store or business that I don't patronize due strictly to their policies.
I have restaurants where I have had bad food or bad service and I won't go back to for a while. I even have certain stores I try not to shop at unless I can go during slower times...

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