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Winnin’ & Grinnin’ With The Cat!
Yesterday (6/9) was a day of fun in the sun and we played and gave away so much.
I just wanted to say thank you for listening, playing and winning because with out you...we would not be here doing what we do.
The 'Somewhere In' My Car' promotion was a hit...
5 Billings’ Summer Must-Do’s
Summer is on the way and I have come up with my top 5 things we must do in Billings before the the cold chill comes back on.

Go Swimming At Least Once

Summer wouldn't be summer without hitting the pool, lake or river. There's an unwritten law somewhere that says we must swim...
3 Incredible Montana Waterfronts
One things about Montana is it's a treasure of a state. The outdoors are beyond incredible here and I love it.
I have mentioned before how much I love the water and we have some spectacular views of it here.
Here are my Top 3 Montana Waterfronts:

The Boat Club Restaurant, Whitefish

Whether you're gettin…
Are You Ready For Summer?
I remember as a kid not being able to wait until it was summer. We craved the hot weather and being able to be in the water what seemed to be non-stop.
Whether it be a slippy slide, pool, creek or the river, we were there until our hands were prunes or until mamma came yelling for us to come home...
A View From The Top
Ever since I started working on the 23rd floor of Crowne Plaza in downtown Billings, I have wanted to know what the view straight down looked like. The problem is they lock the door that goes out onto our balcony area. I suppose they fear us being radio people that we might jump...
Thank You Billings Clinic Surgery Center
The time came to have my wife's gallbladder removed and she was scheduled at the Billings Clinic Surgery Center to have it done.
I have to tell you I was thoroughly impressed with the staff and the facility.
She has been through a number of surgeries and normally gets nervous when something like …
Good Garden Advise in Billings [Video]
I took the opportunity to chat with some of the professionals at Gainan's Heights Flowers and Garden over the weekend. I wanted to know what they thought was the best advise to get a great garden this year and wielding off those pesky mosquitoes...
Billings’ Athlete Of The Week Winner! [Audio]
It's finally here! Our first Athlete Of The Week!
I would like to send a big congratulations to Brittney Burleson for a job well done in the toughest sport on wheels. Roller Derby. These ladies are as tough as nails and it shows in every bout...
My Top 5 Dumb Billings Laws
Every state and every city in the nation has them. Dumb laws that were formed a long time ago and no one has thought to change them since the pen hit the paper.
The good news is we never hear of anyone being cited for breaking these so called laws these days but it would sure be funny to see if someo…
Strange Sightings At Billings’ Stoplights
On my way into work this morning I had an interesting experience.
As I was driving down 1st Ave. towards downtown Billings when I caught a red light at 25th.
One thing about driving and being at red lights is the opportunity to view those around you...
Lake Elmo Is Waiting For You
Over the weekend my family and I took the very short little drive to Lake Elmo in Billings.
This was the first of our trips to see lakes, rivers and waterfalls this Spring and Summer in Montana. We plan on going through much of the state this summer to see what we can find and can't wait to…
They’re Back at My Billings’ Home!
One thing about my family and I is we love wildlife. Moving to Billings almost a year ago has only increased those feelings.
Last Fall we had herds of deer and other animals roaming through the yard. I actually almost hit one in my pickup when I got off work one night...

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