Did You Survive?
Christmas has come and gone and for a lot of us, it is almost a relief that we made it through.
Yesterday was a really good day for my family and I. We woke up to the traditional Christmas present opening ceremony, had a little breakfast and then went to church to celebrate the true reason for the se…
Do You Open Gifts Early?
So my wife and I broke down and let the kids open one family Christmas gift. We don't normally do it this early, but the kids have been extra good and we wanted to show them that we have noticed their good behavior and let them have something fun to do...
Stocking Must-Haves
Tonight is the big night. The night the big man puts presents under the tree and fills our stockings with lots of goodies.
For my kids they love getting the candy and hot wheels cars in the sock.
When they empty out their stockings and find these items in there it seems to seal the deal for the Christ…
What’s Your Christmas Plans?
Just think, in two days Christmas will be here. OK, you probably didn't want to realize that just yet. Still lots to do, right?
I can understand that.
Forget about the presents for a moment. This is supposed to be a time for family, being together and loving one another, you know, the reason…
Christmas Eve Traditions
Christmas is basically here and my kids could not be more excited. They are not only thrilled to see what Santa will bring them Christmas morning but also for our family Christmas Eve tradition that we do every year.
The night of Christmas Eve, we like to gather as a family and play board games...
Your Most Embarrassing Gift
With Christmas only a few more days away, some of us are bound to get a gift that we would rather not have to open in front of other people.
Example: Underwear in front of your siblings or grandparents especially if you are a teenage girl...

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