Billings, Get Socialized this Christmas
It's no secret that we live in a world that is run more by social media than it should. Heck, even our enemies use social media to plot attacks and recruit against us. It will only get worse as time flies into the future.
How we use these tools is important though...
My Top 10 Holiday Movies
With Christmas just a week away, my kids' and my nights are filled with holiday movies, hot chocolate and popcorn.
Here are my top ten holiday movies for the season.
1: "It's a Wonderful Life:" The idea for the movie all started with a Christmas card
What Are Your Plans for Christmas Cat Pack?
Just think, in one week and one day Christmas will be here. OK, you probably didn't want to realize that just yet. Still lots to do, right?
I can understand that.
Forget about the presents for a moment. This is supposed to be a time for family, being together and loving one another, you know, the…
Top 5 Christmas Present Hiding Spots, According to You
It's getting close to that time when we bring our presents out of hiding.
Each year it seems like it gets a little harder to hide them. Kids are getting smarter and remembering old hiding spots. Not to mention they seem to be getting wise on where new hiding spots might be...

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