5 Jokes You Have To Be Half-Genius To Understand
#5. Entropy isn't what it used to be.
#4. Pavlov is having lunch when the phone rings. He jumps up and says "Crap, I forgot to feed the dog!"
#3. A computer programmers girlfriend tells him to "Go to the store and pick up a loaf of bread...
Mark Wilson: Comedy Legend or Complete Idiot?
As a  wise man once said, there is a fine line between comedy and stupidity.  Mark Wilson is not afraid to cross that line.
Over the years, Mark's unique brand of humor has both amused and, occasionally, annoyed Paul (by occasionally, we mean every day)...
Five Old Sitcoms I Wish Were Still on the Air
I was watching a t.v. show the other day at home and got to thinking about some of the old sitcoms that I used to watch when I was younger.  I really miss a few of them.  I wish they were on now.  This made me, of course, want to share them with you.  Maybe you will even agree wi…
My Daughters Art Is 3D
Some people have their kids art up on the wall in their office. I have a fort. While my daughter was on summer vacation and bored one day she hung out with me at work and, as kids do, made art out of whatever she could find (good training for a chef I might add)...
Is There A New Bar In Billings?
Yes and it's called the Crystal Lou as you can see in the photo above. Great drink specials, free popcorn, slot machines and the nicest toilets you've ever seen! Haven't you always wanted to do your business on a bowl made out of Waterford Crystal...
Who You Gonna Call?
Who you gonna call?
Why the ghost busters of course! Some “would-be” Butte ghost busters got busted for just doing their job! At least that’s the way they tell it. And the Butte-Silver Bow County Health Department apparently see it the same way.

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