Mark Sets Off The Alarm at a Local Business
For the past couple of months, Mark Wilson has been hiding Tim McGraw tickets all over the Billings area.  Here's what we've learned.  It's impossible to not look suspicious when you're trying to hide something at 4:30 in the morning.
Last week, Mark stashed a pair of ti…
Mark Totally Screws Up Flakes Scavenger Hunt
They say the memory is the first thing to go.  This morning, the Flakes did their weekly Scavenger Hunt for Tim McGraw tickets.  And in spite of Mark Wilson's best intentions, it ended up in chaos.
Instead of hiding one envelope somewhere in the Billings area, Mark decided to stash two pairs of ticke…
Behind The Scenes at Headwaters Country Jam
Got to meet a bunch of great Cat Country listeners from Billings who made the trip out to Three Forks for the Headwaters Country Jam.  In spite of the rain and the mud, it was a heckuva party.
One of the more interesting moments from the festival came on Friday night when Chase Rice got into a s…

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