Win $1,000 Cash in Our Tax Refund Contest
The IRS is taking an unprecedented amount of time to issue Tax Refunds this year, mostly thanks to the ineptitude of Congress. While we are all waiting patiently for our IRS refunds we  decided to issue a refund of our own. That's why one lucky VIP member is going to win $1,000 in cold har…
Here’s What $1000 Is In Other Currencies
If you win Cat Country 102.9's $1000 Tax Rebate here's what you'll be winning as expressed in various foreign currencies:
769.41 Euros
651.68 British Pounds Sterling
97,496 Japanese Yen
1,796,160,000 Old Turkish Lira
Track Your NCAA Bracket Challenge Entry Here
The games have begun and the heat is on. Follow your Million Dollar NCAA Bracket Challenge bracket - and the brackets of your favorite DJs - below, as the games continue toward the fiery Final Four finale, and the NCAA championship game on April 8.
Trace Adkins Still Alive!
Trace Adkins is moving on to Week 5 of the All-Star Celebrity Apprentice as once again he was on the winning team who's project manager this week was Marilu Henner. Had he, Stephen Baldwin, Penn Gillette, Gary Busey and Henner lost, Henner said she would have brought Adkins in with her to the b…
What Would You Do With $1 Million?
For me it would be seed money to start my professional poker career... of course with the limiting poker rules here in Montana I'd have to move to Las Vegas and buy a condo on the strip but I'm willing to make that sacrifice! Whether your dreams include a new home, fancy car or world travel they can…
Price Is Right Live Tonight at ABT!
If you're like me you've been watching "The Price Is Right" since you were a kid. Tonight at 7:30 you can play it live. This is the same as the show they have daily in Las Vegas that is a road version of it's TV namesake. Tickets are $43 and $53...

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