10 Items to Buy With a $100 Target Gift Card in Billings
Walked into a big box retailer last week only to be greeted by an 8-foot-tall Christmas tree with a placard hanging on it reminding shoppers that it was only "50 days until Christmas."
That was a week ago and the number of shopping days until Christmas are melting rapidly...
Big Things on Hot Rod’s Show Today
First off, I am so excited to have Chris Young calling in today to chat about coming to Billings on November 20th. He is a superb artist and we all are thrilled to see him at Rimrock Auto Arena at MetraPark next Friday.
Speaking of Chris, be listening for "Two in a Row" for &quo…
This Is Going To Get Strange, Very Strange
Hey, Cat Pack! It's Friday and I am ready to party! I have to admit that this is going to get a little strange today.
Would you ever eat road kill if a professional chef was cooking it? Someone is and I will tell you all about it.
Also, would you ever form your own country if you could...
Lots Of Winning Coming Up with Hot Rod!
Buckle up and get ready for the ride! Hot Rod Thompson is coming your way with more winnin' and grinnin' than anyone on the radio. You want cash? He's got it! You want Carrie Underwood tickets before you can buy them? He's got 'em!
How did the time effect you today...
Hot Rod Delivers Sweetness, Yet Again
It's Monday Cat Pack and you know what that means. Another Free Donut Driveby.
Hot Rod Thompson went on the hunt again this morning and found Energy Laboratories Inc. had entered to win three dozen donuts from Log Cabin Bakery. From there, the delivery was on...
A Ticket BLOW OUT with Hot Rod!
Tickets, Tickets...Come get your tickets!
Headwaters Country Jam 3 Day Passes with a $50 gas card, WWE Live want 'em and we got 'em!...lots of 'em and Hot Rod Thompson is dishing them out all afternoon long!
As a matter of fact, he almost needs a secretary to keep tra…
Congratulations United Blood Services in Billings!
It's Monday and you know what that means. Another Free Donut Drive By!
We drew Lori Henderson from United Blood Services at 1444 Grand Ave in Billings for this week's delivery! I cruised over this morning with 3 dozen Log Cabin Bakery donuts and they came a runnin'...
Pack Your Bags
Time is running out for you to get registered to join Mark and Paul, The Breakfast Flakes, in Cancun Mexico for their Annual Flakes Trip.
We Want to Send You to See the CMA’s
The 49th Annual CMA Awards are coming up Nov. 4t and we want to send you. That's right, a trip to the CMA's.
You need to hurry because this contest will end Oct. 17 at  7 p.m. Sign up HERE to win this incredible prize package.

Roundtrip coach-class airfare for winner and guest to Nashville
Two nights’ …
We Want to Send You to See Don Henley
Here at The Cat we like to have fun and give you the best prizes available. This is no exception.
How would you like to fly away to see Don Henley in Chicago? We thought you would.
This is what you'll get:

Airfare or ground transportation for winner and guest to Chicago
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