Flakesgiving Just Around The Corner!
If you are relatively new to the area, here’s something that we are sure you will want to be a part of and it is called Flakesgiving! We take one whole week and gather donations to cover the cost of 1500 Thanksgiving meals for those in need...
Billings Dog Park Needs Your Help
Dog Lovers of Billings are being called upon to help out an emergency situation at the High Sierra Dog Park and are looking for some volunteers for a project on June 5th.
Another Saturday Night
It was another Saturday night in Billings, Montana. What’s on the entertainment agenda? A movie, some dinner, live music, live theater?
The Venture Theatre Needs Billings To Step Up
The Venture Theatre is going to close it's doors if they can't raise $126,500 by the end of the month. The Venture Theatre is a non-profit organization so donations are tax deductible. For more information call  591-9535.

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