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Have You Been Rejected a Plate? [Video]
I've been thinking of getting personalized plates for my truck. I thought I would search around to see some of the creativity that others have done to help narrow my decision a little better. Apparently I need to come up with something better than FLUFFY1...
10 Places to Shop Locally in Downtown Billings
Are you ready for the holidays? It's only the week of Thanksgiving and I'm already being asked that. No, I'm not read; haven't even started yet.
You can park downtown in one of the decks, so you won't have to scrape your windows.  All 10 places listed below are within wa…
5 Tips on How to Avoid a Thanksgiving Day Fire in Billings
My family refuses to let me anywhere near the stove or oven while preparations are underway for Thanksgiving dinner.
There is good reason, mind you. They fear I will burn the place down. It might stem in part from the time my grandmother were cooking and set the stove and refrigerator on fire...

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