Mark Wilson

Making Schools Safer Is Up To Us
Police Chief Rich St John in our show this morning talking about how prepared schools in our area are in scenarios that involve active shooters.
If you missed it, it was really an informative segment. Also, if you don't know how well YOUR child's school is prepared, ask them...
CPR Saturday
This Saturday is CPR Saturday at the Billings Clinic.
Classes will run throughout the day starting at 8 with the last class starting at 11.
In addition, this year there will also be "bleeding control" classes. these take about 45 minutes...
Love Songs
Every single song we played this morning had the word "Love" in the title.
I've always said that the old song "The Things We Do For Love" was my theme song.
"You're feeling like part of you is dying. And you're looking for the answer in her e…
Overhauling Food Stamps In America
I saw this morning that President Trump wants to revamp the food stamp program in America.
I haven't seen anything on the details. I just saw the headline. I want people to weigh in with what you perceive to be problems and then give your suggestions to fix them
This should be pretty entertaining…
What Should We Get Mark For (pick an occasion)
I have just about everything a man could want. And so, around Christmas or my birthday, I always get "You're IMPOSSIBLE to buy for!"
Here it is. Golf at Pebble Beach. You don't have to buy me a plane ticket or anything. Pebble Beach is on my bucket list...
I’m A Child At Heart
Being young at heart is a blessing. I require attention and should never be left unattended at any time.
When we go to a place that takes your food order, then asks for your name to call when it's ready, I tell them that my name is "Elvis"...
Billings Gasoline
I overspend on my vehicle maintenance. I always run the 91 octane premium in everything from my pickup on down to my leaf blower. But, I know nothing about the 3 refineries in our area.
Does Conoco outperform Exxon? Or does Cenex have the good stuff...
Camp On The Boulder
I'm not a real "churchy" guy, but I was glad to hear the news about the Camp On The Boulder. I spent a week there with other kids in my youth group in 1978. And it's one of my fondest memories from my teenage years.
The camp is a place where "faith based camping c…
So Long, Big Bear
I heard the news over the weekend about Big Bear never reopening. And it's sad news for a couple of reasons.
This has been a great local business for a long time. I bough the only pair of skis that I've ever owned there about 20 years ago...
All Things Mexico
In case you haven't heard all of our stories about this year's adventures on our Flakestrip, I'll give you the highlights.
Left a day early to beat the snow in Minnesota. The Beatles tribute show with the stage in the pool. Larry's "Cannonball" from the "…
Secrets Capri
We got this picture sent to us this morning from a lady who's with our group, but got to the resort a few days ahead of us.
All the rubbing it in aside, I am thankful for the chance to go on these trips each year. Every year when we arrive, I walk down to the beach and stand there and listen to …

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