Mark Wilson

Year End Thoughts
By the time that you read this, my working year will be over. A policy change at work means we have to use what vacation we have or lose it.
If you were listening this morning, you may have heard about the fir that wiped out Will & Brittany Grundhausers gym. If...
My Grampa’s Fiddle
Tim Ryan (Roulier) is the only person that I personally knew before he left for Nashville to write and sing. So, he moved there got a contract, had a hit and now he's back home in Montana. And he's written the story of growing up playing music with his Salish grandfather...
Songs Our Listeners Hate
One Line Monday started out with a story about a radio station that has quit playing "Baby, It's Cold Outside", as it's too suggestive, in light of the "Me Too" movement.
But the calls quickly turned to songs and artists that you folks hate...
The Difference In Booze Buying
I know nothing about the rules from state to state. It seems like in Montana, booze costs the same in every liquor store, with an occasional sale.
In Wyoming, you get booze at drive through windows, without even having to get out of your vehicle...
Curbside Garbage Pick Up
The city of Billings has announced that they are going to phase out garbage pickup in alleys. And have everybody receive curbside garbage pick up.
Citing the cost of keeping alleys graded and passable for the big garbage trucks, they are going to convert the 16,000 remaining "Alley Dumpsters…
I can't help thinking back on the Thanksgiving gatherings from my younger years.
Looking back at pictures of all of the uncles on my mom's side of the family gathered in my grandparents living room. EVERY adult smoking something!
But, as I got older, I was eventually invited into the card ga…
I was reading a friends post this morning about having a gun stolen out of his pickup. And it got me to think of how much of my stuff has been stolen in my lifetime.
Somebody used bolt cutters to swipe my 10 speed from the fairgrounds in 1977...
Need Your Blood
The Knights Of Columbus are hosting a blood driver tomorrow starting at 2:15 at St. Pius Fellowship Hall.
You can sign up on their Facebook page, or go to or call Bob at 406-671-5694.
If you have never given blood or just haven't given for a while, they could use it...
Flakesgiving Friday
It's finally here. Flakesgiving. Now in its 30th year.
Today, we will gather with about 300 or so volunteers in the Metras parking lot and put together 1500 complete meals for families to have to stay home this Thanksgiving.
We received $ 5300...

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