Mark Wilson

Move Away
I saw a post this morning from a lady advising people to move out of their home towns and find themselves and make their own way.
How Much Traffic Enforcement
The three biggest complaints we hear from motorists are speeders, people who don't use their turn signals, and law enforcement talking on their cell phone while driving.
Friends And Riding Bikes
I was talking to our 11 year old about friends that I had when I was her age and how the friends I had when I was 11 are not the same friends that I have now.  Friends that I have now are a few from back when we rode bikes all over town, but not very many...
Haunted Hallows
We were asking if the Billings Jaycees were doing their Haunted Hallows again this year. So it's going to be outside at Two Moon Park, which ought to be pretty cool.
Tickets are 10 bucks, unless you want to skip the line by paying 20 bucks...
I’ll Deliver Your Message For You
I really don't care which side you vote for. I just want to deliver your message on the air on Friday.
So it will start "Dear Matt Rosendale/John Tester/Kathleen Williams/Greg Gianforte", I am voting for you or not voting for you because...
The results are in. And my poll finds that people around here are sick of being polled. Quit calling us with your made up area code and robot message ladies who sound so nice. Quit calling peoples home phones.
With all of the advances I've seen in technology lately, I'm just amazed.
I apparently paid for my Costco purchases the other day by just waving the card over their machine. I'm not kidding. No swiping or inserting, if it's chipped. Just, "Boom" have a nice day..…
I'm a pretty even keel sort of personality. And not much upsets me. But, for some reason, littering does.
We gave a "shout out" to everybody who helped clean up the rims this last Saturday. But, litter will always be a problem.
When I had a house that was close to a high school,…
Studio Tour
"You guys work at the top of a tall building and you must have great views." We do have great view of anything north of us. But inside our ultra luxurious studio, you'll find things like CD storage. I know, impressive.
We don't play a lot of stuff from compact disc these d…

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