Mark Wilson

What A Week!
Let's look back at our week on the air, just in case you missed something.
David Crosby calls EVERY ABBA song "Dog poop", That's called a "Greece Fire", Paul thought that I was comparing him to a horses back side, The Simpson cartoon is being attacked as …
Whats YOUR song?
I like more kinds of music than most and my family is pretty used to what I play on our home stereo. But, yesterday I was playing "All My Life" by the Foo Fighters. And my daughter looked at me funny and asked "WHAT is this?!"
So, all of you country fans out there,…
We Helped Buy A Wheelchair Today.
Our show today was different than what it normally is. We wanted to raise enough money for a custom wheelchair for a young man injured in a motorcycle accident.  His insurance would pay for the "basic" wheelchair, but no more.
We asked for roughly $ 5000...
Best At Work Perk
Whats something at your place of employment that is above and beyond what an average employer does for its employees? I'm not referring to health insurance or 401 K. I'm talking about something apart from that.
When we first started here in 1988, our GM made sure that all of the on air staf…
I have Too Many….
What's yours? What do you have too many of?
I know I'm overstocked on some things like golf balls, tennis shoes and coolers. But, one thing that I never thought I'd be overstocked on is chicken broth. Yes, really.
I'll be grabbing groceries and think "I'd better get o…
Eric Church & The NRA
In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Eric Church is blaming the shootings in Las Vegas last October on the NRA. The interview seems to be more against these so called "bump stocks" which increase the rate of fire on certain semi automatic rifles...
Eleven Years On Facebook
I like the "memories" that pop up on my Facebook page each day. But yesterday, FB reminded me that I've been on it for eleven years!
So, now I'm wondering how much time I've wasted staring at it.
I like FB for reminders of people birthdays and such...
Step Parents
Today is my step mothers birthday and she has inspired a rare, serious blog. This lady came into my life when I was about 12. Then, without warning I ended up living with her and my father when I was 14. So, this lady went from being single to having a husband and a teenager in a short amount of tim…
Who Are You Going To Make Happy?
The Megamillions lottery is up to about a half of a BILLION dollars for the next drawing.
Let's say that you win it. Who are you going to make happy, and what are you going to buy?
I'm buying mom and step mom both houses. Then I'm building the most beautiful concert set up you've e…
Sheryl Crow & The Kettlehouse Amphitheatre
If you've listened to us for any length of time, you know about my "thing" with Sheryl Crow. We even had a much publicized break up on the air a few months back.
Well, I went to see her in concert last week. And she was fabulous! Great selection of songs and no political speech…
Family Vacation
We used to take family vacations when I was a kid. And we couldn't afford to fly, so we drove. In fact, because my dads parents lived in Memphis, we would have either 3 "fairly long" days in the car, or one "pretty long" paired with a "marathon&q…
Amazon Prime Day Today
If you're a member of Amazon Prime, today is your big day. Save on millions of items for 36 hours.
So, I'm curious as to how many of the folks who read our blogs are A, members. And B, are you buying anything during this event?

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