Mark Wilson

Old Friends
We talked about best friends on our show yesterday. And today is the birthday of a guy who has always been a best friend and now can also be put in the "old friends" category.
Jeff Austin and I met while we were attending the same church in Great Falls in about 1976...
Whose Music Don’t You Get?
I announced that I had heard a rumor  that Pearl Jam would be playing a concert at Washington-Grizzly Stadium in August of this year. Which, for me is a non-factor, because I'm not a Pearl jam fan. It's not that I dislike them, I just am not familiar with much of their music
Racquetball Racquet
Since I've lost weight, It was suggested to me that maybe we should get the old racquetball gang back together and do some sweating.
So, we agreed to meet Monday after I got off the air. So, early that morning, as I'm getting ready for work, I'm packing my gym bag and can't find m…
40 Year Old Country Songs
On my Facebook feed, I saw a video showing some songs that I loved turn 40 this year. "last Dance" by Donna Summer (who I loved), "Dust In The Wind" by Kansas were just a couple.
So, if you're like me and can't believe how fast our lives are going by, ple…
Going To Mexico “Don’t Forget” List
This is just MY list of stuff to remember. Add to it if you like. Or adopt it to help you remember what to pack.
First and foremost, products relating to good digestive health. If you don't have that in Mexico, you won't have near the fun...
Mark Wilson’s Better Used Cars
This must have popped up on my Facebook feed, Mark Wilson's Better Used Cars is located in Ontario.
So, I messaged them yesterday, trying to see if they had any hats with my name on them that I could buy.
But, I got the usual "Hey, we need your e-mail/phone number/date of birth/etc&q…
61 Year Old Golfer Joins College Golf Team
61 year old Don Byers is going back to college at Bellevue University in Nebraska.
He was apparently playing in a foursome with the college's golf coach and playing pretty well. So, the coach asked him if he had any eligibility left. Turns out, he did...
The Flashing Yellow Arrows
Several traffic lights in Billings have been updated with the lights that have a flashing yellow arrow. I'm still unsure what it means. I'm older now, and my brain isn't very accepting of new technology.
On my smartphone, I can now talk to Google, and she goes and finds me things...
Things You Might Not Know
I had heard this tidbit, but decided to look it up this morning. Cell phones, even without you paying for the service on it anymore, will still work when making 9-1-1 calls.
Frankenstein was the doctors name. The other dude with the bolts in his neck was just "the monster"...
We Have Officially Broken Up
Well, if you were listening this morning, you heard the shocking news. I have chosen to end the longest relationship that I've ever had with a woman.
All of you who told me that it wouldn't last, you were right.
I forgave her, even after she had the affair with the loser who is a &q…
Do You Have Funny Friends?
Today, I'd like to hear from you folks about YOUR funny friends. Here's what I'm talking about.
I've got a friend whose last name is "White". When they got their puppy, they named him "Coors White". Creative.
I have a friend who decorates hi…
If I Were King For Just One Day
There's a song called "If I were King For Just One Day" by the Thompson Twins. and that's where the idea for today's blog comes from.
It's just a series of pet peeves that I would change by simple declaration. As I don't want to have to get it done by folks …

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