Mark Wilson

I ran across a couple of Bull Snakes yesterday at the golf course. It looked like they were on a first date or something.
The good part for me was that I saw them before they saw me. I was also in a cart, so I didn't have to scream or anything...
Dad’s Birthday
Today would've been my dad's 78th birthday. Next month marks 3 years since his passing.
No sad reflections today, just fond memories of the man who influenced my life and my choices more than any other person in the world.
I quote him often and salute him every time I complete another new record run b…
National Teacher Appreciation Day
I'm not sure exactly what one does for a teacher on National Teacher Appreciation Day, so I'm blogging about the day.
If you're a teacher, you have many things you can take advantage of.
Deals on rentals at Alamo, discounts at AT&T, and many casinos and resorts are vying for you…
Beers On Patios
With the warmer weather here, we can get back to having an icy cold beverage outdoors on one of the many patios that serve alcohol in our area.
I'm not doing a "Best Of" patio list; rather, a list of cool spots to go in our area. Tiny's, The Montana Brewing Company, and th…
Facebook Fights and Activism
As I stared at that computer screen at 3 in the dang morning, I had to decide what kind of social media day I would have. I saw posts concerning illegal immigration, voting for more school levies vs laying off employees, and about 3 or 4 anti-gun blogs...
Old Works Golf
I went to Anaconda last weekend to play the fabled Old Works golf course. I hadn't played there in several years and wanted to be sure to play there this year.
While there, I locked my keys in my pickup. There is ONE locksmith in the Anaconda phone book...
Mark’s Tools
I'm not any type of handyman. At all. I don't have the knack of fixing anything. But yesterday, I got out several of my tools.
Take a look at the picture and see if you can figure out what job I was doing.
Chase Hawks Bike Day
This past Saturday, April 28th, Chase Hawks held their annual Bike Day at the Albertsons on 5th and Central.
Here are this year's stats:
They gave away 46 brand new bicycles that they first had to assemble on Friday night.
They fitted 108 kids with brand new helmets...
I'm big on barbecuing and cooking our meals on our Traeger grill. In fact, I whipped up a sugar free glaze for our inch thick pork chops.
As I was looking up recipes last week, I ran across an article on brining. This is supposed to make tough cuts of meat more juicy and tender...
First Car Payment
This is my second blog attempt today. I had written one about monthly bills that was just too danged depressing so I'm going in another direction.
What was either the total purchase price or your monthly payment on your first vehicle...
Do Not Call List
If you've been getting telemarketing calls that you don't want to get, call 1-888-382-1222 and register your phone on the Do Not Call list. You can also register online at
However, this will not entirely stop those calls...
School House Rock
Back when I was a kid, a couple of people had the idea to help teach kids about multiplication. They thought, if they wrote some catchy tunes about it, kids would learn. It worked.
Bob Dorough has passed away at 94. He wrote all and sang most of the original songs...

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