Mark Wilson

I Love A Parade
Tomorrow morning I'm going to drink a lot of coffee and then when our daughter gets up, we're going to watch the Macy's Parade. I always loved it when I was little. And this is a tradition I'm passing on.
I also need to teach her to to eat the cranberry sauce right out of the…
Some Sad News
Jacob Thompson has passed away. he was the nine year old cancer victim so many of you send Christmas cards to a couple of weeks ago.
This is just so sad. For those parents, none of us can imagine how they feel.
Count your blessings today...
Albertsons Says Thanks
Chris White from Albertsons makes getting groceries for Flakesgiving happen. He gets a lot of help from the following;
Briggs Distributing picks up all of those banana boxes that the meals go into. And they also haul the turkeys down to Metra
Franz Bakery not only donates 1500 packages of rolls to us …
Flakesgiving Thank You
I want to take a minute and give a big THANK YOU to the Yellowstone County Tavern Association for helping us make Flakesgiving possible this year.
Flakesgiving is something Paul and I love. Being able to give 1500 complete meals for folks that otherwise couldn’t afford to have on…
Come See Flakesgiving
By the time you're reading this we are already rolling  at Metra with Flakesgiving.
I always tell folks to come see it. Come see what your money is doing. Come see what couple hundred school kids from all around our area helping out looks like...
Everything You Need To Know About Flakesgiving
Every dang detail I can tell you about Flakesgiving.
Please make checks payable to "The Flakesgiving Fund". Your donation is tax deductible. And greatly appreciated.
All decisions are made by either Paul or I. No chairman of the board...
Tired Of LeBron James
ESPN was in love Michael Jordan and the same was true with Kobe Bryant. I just wish there was more "stars" in their coverage.
I've heard enough about LeBron. And Kaepernick .
This is our big week every year. Raising the money for, and then giving out 1500 complete "Flakesgiving" meals. No paperwork for folks to fill out. No list to get on. You need a meal, you get a meal.
We need a little over $40,000.00 to pay the bill...
Cat, Griz or Some Other
This weekend is the Cat/Griz football game in Bozeman. I see plenty of hat, shirts, foam fingers, beer koozies, canopy covers, helmets (worn by people in the stands at games), key chains etc. with Cat & Griz logos on them. But what if someone doesn't root for either team?!
I att
Mexico Trip Giveaway Tonight
Ok, I feel like we tell everyone this stuff every year for 22 years & somehow people still have questions.  So, here’s some answers!

Tonight at 7pm – be at the Stadium Club if you have ever entered the Flakes Mexico Trip. You can’t register – but if you have registered before, you have to be pres…
Flakes Trip Party
Here is everything I can think to tell you about Saturday night's event.
Stadium Club in the heights. Registrations starts at 7. Opening remarks and the picking of finalists starts at 8. Get there much, much earlier than that.
Carpool if you can...
I'm not sure what year I first used one. It had to be somewhere in the 70's when they were large and keeping a Coke cold longer was never a factor for me because I drank fast anyway.
Now days, I have Koozies in my kitchen, my golf bag, and every vehicle...

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