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Flakes Trip Party
Here is everything I can think to tell you about Saturday night's event.
Stadium Club in the heights. Registrations starts at 7. Opening remarks and the picking of finalists starts at 8. Get there much, much earlier than that.
Carpool if you can...
I'm not sure what year I first used one. It had to be somewhere in the 70's when they were large and keeping a Coke cold longer was never a factor for me because I drank fast anyway.
Now days, I have Koozies in my kitchen, my golf bag, and every vehicle...
Altana Federal Credit Union’s New Location
I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for Altana's new location last night. If you're already a member with them and live in the heights or go by there on your way home, then this will be very convenient for you.
They've got fancy new machines in the drive through...
Not. One. More. Cent. Again
First of all, I want to thank all of you who sent cards to Jordan Thompson because of my blog yesterday.
Now, more "Not another cent". I got my renewal notice for my car's plates. I opted out of the six dollar fee for state parks. And it gave me the idea that i wish we had hund…
Something You Can Do
I'm writing a letter to this youngster today. After I saw the story over the weekend on KULR - 8. (Great story Bek Hill) This family could use as many cards and letters as we can get them.
People always say "If there's anything we can do, let us know...
I’m Sorry
I'm sorry to the lady that I cut off in traffic yesterday. I wasn't really focusing on the road. It was a phone call about an important family member. And I realize that talking on your cell phone is against the law. But so is, doing 50 mph in a 35 mph zone while going across 3 lanes of tr…
Not One Cent More (Again)
I got my property tax statement yesterday. I didn't add anything to my home's exterior this past year. No new doors or windows. No new paint. I didn't re-shingle my roof. I didn't build on any type of extension or additional garage space...
None Of Your Business
From the Hank Jr. song "If you mind your own business, you won't be minding mine."
It's amusing to me how many people are so nosy these days. I grew up in a different time, where we were taught to respect others privacy. But these days, it seems like I often am asked thing…
Stop & Smell The Roses
Mac Davis has a song called "Stop & Smell The Roses" where he talks about counting your blessings every day.
Give me one of your blessings. Not counting any of the "big" blessings. (Health, money, loved ones, houses, new cars, etc)
I'll start. I ...
Gazette Opinions
I have already blogged about this, but it's still bothering me. The local paper shut off the feature on their web page called "comments". So, you can't give an opinion contrary to THEIR published opinion.
That, to me, is just chicken...
CandyTown USA
We had a great time during our Flakes Trip stop by last night at CandyTown USA. They've got a great selection of candy from when we were kids to a huge selection of bulk candies and even 10 different bins of individually colored M&M's.  ...
Tell The DBA What You Want
I read an article in today's paper about what the Downtown Billings Associations dreams are for our downtown area. They want:
Rooftop terrace dining
A trolley or light rail
Fewer one way streets
More bike lanes (to allow more window shopping)
More festivals
Diverting ditch water to the downtown area, givi…

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