Mark Wilson

Game Day W. L.
If you tuned in today, you heard folks trying to name any and every famous person, place or thing with the initials "W & L". And here are some of them:
Whiskey Lullaby, White Liar, White Lightning, Wichita Lineman, wish list, Western Larch, and the most popular answer of the…
I Mayor May NOT Vote
Actually, since I don't live in the city limits, I can't vote for ANY of the mayoral candidates. But, at this point in my life, I know a little bit about politics and politicians. And I don't care much for either.
So, when I'm sitting someplace where they serve beer and somebody s…
Safety First
This is just outside our control room this morning. A painter standing up on a ladder with no safety harness of any type. And at the bottom of the photo you can see the rail he will easily go over if he falls backwards.
Don Williams
I got a text on Friday telling me about the passing of both Troy Gentry and Don Williams.  Today's blog is just about Don Williams.
I always hate when a music star passes and they give you how many #1 songs and awards they won. I never liked Don Williams because of either of those reasons..…
Chili Recipe
Ok, somebody who reads our blogs has it.  And I want it.  You won't share it with members of your family, but you should share it with me. Please.
I'm looking for the absolute best homemade chili recipe. The simpler the better. I like it a little hot, a little sweet, but still a b…
A Free Trip To Mexico
It's what I've always called "The Last Best Prize That You Can Win On Local Radio". It's the Flakes trip to Mexico.
We are headed back to the Secrets Capri just outside of Playa Del Carmen. We've been here before and love the place.
If you win it all, you get round trip airfare for 2, hotel …
Weird Wednesday/Removed from Your Body
Today's "WW" topic was "Things that you've had removed from your body". We got things like pencil lead, steel wool, and tractor forks.
Late in the show, a guy called and said that he had been shot in the lip with a BB and didn't get it out for 3 year…
Fire Coverage And Logging
The first point that I want to make in my blog is about network media coverage of the fires in our state. Like, could we get some, please. I'm talking acreage burned, dollars spent, or even number of firefighters out on the front lines.
I'm not trying to take anything away from the tragedy that has s…
Please Join Us September 7th
If you are already going to Mexico with us in January, or if you're HOPING to, we would love for you to come to the kickoff event at the Stadium Club on Thursday, September 7th, from 5-7.
You can meet some of the "regulars" who go every year...
The new Goodwill in the heights opens today. I live out that way, so I'm excited for another business in the heights that will save me the occasional trip to the west end.
You can save a lot of money when you shop there. I know a lady that has more than 400 pairs of shoes, all of which she …
3 Putting
I hate it. I mean, it's really one of the few things that makes me angry. 3 putting.
It's a mental thing. Golf course designers allowed for 2 putts on any green after arriving on the green in regulation. The first putt should be hit as close as you can get it...
A New Tire
I have been driving up and down Montanas roadways for the majority of my life. And I have never blown a tire on anything. (I have put some pretty impressive speeds upon said tires in my quests to set new personal bests between cities).
Well, Friday, on my way up to do a day of preliminary work at the…

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