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Foo Fighters Are Coming To Billings
This will be the bands first time in Billings, Montana but we'll be ready to rock!
The show is at MetraPark on December 9th and is part of their late Fall tour to help promote their new album Concrete and Gold which will be released to the public September 15...
Entering Montana’s Twilight Zone [Video]
The town of St. Marie was a fully operational town in Montana until recently. It housed up to 10,000 people from 1957-1976 when the Glasgow Air Force Base shut down after the Cold War.
During the war the base housed B-52 Bombers and refueling aircraft...
Strange Creatures in Montana
One show that I really like to watch is Mysteries At The Museum on the Travel Channel. I really enjoy history, especially when it has to do with some sort of a strange story.
I happened to be going through their website when I came across THIS STORY that came right out of Montana...
Montana’s Most Googled Job
Searching for that perfect job has always been the norm. Almost from the beginning of time man has been on the search for that one work situation that would earn the most money and make them the most happy.
A lot of it, of course, depends on a person's personality, location and effort...
Montana’s Most Googled
These days when you have a question you don't go to the encyclopedia. Today we jump on Google.
It's almost funny what questions come across people's minds.
Now, thanks to Google we now know what the most popular searches are for each state...
Montana City Ranks #7
Our friends at Zippia are back at it again. They have compiled a list of the 10 Happiest Small Towns Across America and one of Montana's own made the list!
This list had some stipulations.
They surveyed towns across the country that were between 2,000 and 10,000 people...
Montana’s Ghost Town [Video]
In a world of technology it is nice to take a step back into the past and view things as they are now. I love history and love learning about the things that were long before my time.
This is one of those times.
As you probably well know, Elkhorn, Montana is a small ghost town in Jefferson County…
5 Montana Snopes Mentions
Ever hear of It's a website where you can search anything and much like Google it will use key words to find news stories related to what you are looking for. It then tells you if the story is true or not. This helps if you really want to know if what you just heard is true...

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