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Montana’s Most Stolen Cars
Have you ever had your vehicle stolen? Have you ever wondered if your vehicle is a target for car thieves? How about when you go to purchase a new vehicle, does that thought ever cross your mind?
I came across this site that has compiled a list of the most common vehicles stolen in each state...
Copper King Fire Evacuations Could End on Monday
On paper, it may not look like much has changed at the Copper King Fire near Thompson Falls. The fire is still at around 27,000 acres and containment is still at 20 percent, but Fire information officer Dixie Dies says homeowners will likely be let back into the evacuation zones soon.
University of Mary New Campus Coming To Billings
Because of the need for occupational health care workers in Billings and Montana, University of Mary will be opening a new campus here in Billings on September 13th. The master's program currently exists here in Billings but on a smaller scale...
New I-90 Rest Area Coming Along
If you haven't seen, there is a new rest area being built on I-90 west of Laurel. I went through a few weeks ago and if my memory suits me, things were pretty bare.
That was not the case on this little trip.
The West Bound side of I-90 is still bare but the East Bound side has made some significa…
Entering Montana’s Twilight Zone [Video]
The town of St. Marie was a fully operational town in Montana until recently. It housed up to 10,000 people from 1957-1976 when the Glasgow Air Force Base shut down after the Cold War.
During the war the base housed B-52 Bombers and refueling aircraft...
Yellowstone Gold Mining?
Do you think any form of mining should be performed near Yellowstone National Park?
The Montana Department of Environmental Quality is saying the their agency has an updated application from Cervice Mining Group to mine for gold in Montana near the park...
Fishing Restrictions In Effect
It's been getting quite warm in the Magic City and Montana lately and with that comes fishing restrictions.
My family and I live for fishing so this really caught our ear when it came about.
In case you have not seen, these restrictions will close the following rivers to fishing daily from 2…
Montana Does It Again!
We all know that Montana is a very patriotic state. In fact, as far as I have seen across the country, there is more respect for our flag and what it represents here than a majority of what other sates show.
According to Wallet Hub we are indeed one of the most patriotic states in the natio…

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