What Scary Movie Do You Hate? [Opinion]
Tis the season for "Scary Movies" right?
I do pretty good with just about anything. However, there is one that I cannot stand and my wife hates that. I'll do just about any movie for Halloween, but Silent Hill is one that I won't. Not sure why, I just can't after I sa…
My Top Family Halloween Movies
We're getting ever so close to Halloween here in Billings and the shows are in full swing! Every night when I get home, we make it a point to watch one good family Halloween movie after dinner. There are plenty to choose from, but only a select few are our favorites...
Hauntedness Is Coming Up! [Video]
Get ready for a chilling good time Cat Pack! Hot Rod Thompson is on your radio every weekday from 2-7 and here's what he has planned for your today.
Have you ever moved into a house and found out later someone had died there? Was it Haunted...

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