My Top 10 Holiday Movies
With Christmas just a week away, my kids' and my nights are filled with holiday movies, hot chocolate and popcorn.
Here are my top ten holiday movies for the season.
1: "It's a Wonderful Life:" The idea for the movie all started with a Christmas card
What is Your Favorite Christmas Movie?
The Christmas movies are in full force on my TV as I am sure they are for you too. There's something about this time of year that brings out all of the classics to new creations of the Christmas season, but one movie will always stand the test of time for me...
What Scary Movie Do You Hate? [Opinion]
Tis the season for "Scary Movies" right?
I do pretty good with just about anything. However, there is one that I cannot stand and my wife hates that. I'll do just about any movie for Halloween, but Silent Hill is one that I won't. Not sure why, I just can't after I sa…
My Top Family Halloween Movies
We're getting ever so close to Halloween here in Billings and the shows are in full swing! Every night when I get home, we make it a point to watch one good family Halloween movie after dinner. There are plenty to choose from, but only a select few are our favorites...
Hauntedness Is Coming Up! [Video]
Get ready for a chilling good time Cat Pack! Hot Rod Thompson is on your radio every weekday from 2-7 and here's what he has planned for your today.
Have you ever moved into a house and found out later someone had died there? Was it Haunted...

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