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Bet You’ve Never Been This Mad, Cat Pack
We all have moments. Believe me when I say that I do, too. You know, moments when you get so mad that you want the world to feel your wrath. OK, I've never been that mad but I have been close.
Even in my worst state of mind, I would never want to punish my family...
Billings, How Do You Catch The Culprit?
I've lived in plenty of apartment complexes in my day and have even had pets while living in them. One of the things that used to get me 'steamed' was trying to walk across a lawn and stepping in a pile of you know what.
Having a pet is an undoubted responsibility...
This Would Be a Difficult Choice For Me, Billings
My wife and I got into a deep discussion recently. We were talking about bills and the things that we have gained since we've been together -- mainly children.
We also chatted about what we are still paying on. My truck is a great example that will be paid on for awhile...
Billings, Have You Ever Had This Happen?
Imagine coming home one day to find a nice big package waiting for you on your doorstep. It's something really nice that you had ordered and you have been anticipating it's arrival. It almost feels like Christmas. You drag it inside your house, open it up and quickly discover this package …
Are You a Sample Abuser in Billings?
Everyone knows that I am not one to shy away from a sample tray in a grocery store. I have filled my belly more than once by making the rounds at Costco simply because it can be better than a buffet -- and it's free.
What happens when you take it too far though...
Karaoke Can Be Brutal
I love doing karaoke. As a matter of fact I go out and do it whenever I can, which isn't too often these days with five kids.
I've seen a lot happen during karaoke, but this is beyond crazy to me.
The DeBary, Florida police arrested Joshua Fort for attacking a karaoke DJ at a bar...

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