“House Lotteries” Aren’t a New Thing in Montana
I see a lot of people talking about this article making the rounds on Facebook now. "Write the best essay and you can buy this $400,000 house for only $199!" I'm not sure why this particular thing is such a big deal right now, because it's nothing new...
Americans are Wasteful [Opinion]
Have you ever noticed how much food people throw away or don't eat at a restaurant?
It's mind-boggling. The all-you-can eat places are the worst. If it doesn't look good, don't take it.
They try it, "yuck," they leave it.
If some of these people ever went to bed hu…
Walmart Has Been a Huge Benefactor for Flakesgiving
I can't think of a store or business that I don't patronize due strictly to their policies.
I have restaurants where I have had bad food or bad service and I won't go back to for a while. I even have certain stores I try not to shop at unless I can go during slower times...
No Injuries Reported in Early-Morning Billings Structure Fire
No one was injured in an early-morning structure fire at 1165 Arlington Ave. S.W. in Billings, according to Deputy Fire Marshal Jeff McCullough.
Firefighters were called out at 6:05 a.m. to a metal shed that was on fire.
Damage to the shed, which was determined to be total loss, was estimated at …
Five Halloween Costumes Billings Children Favor in 2015
Between opening its door on Aug. 30 until it closes after Halloween, Spirit Halloween in Billings expects to sell more than 3,000 costumes -- and that does not include the accessories such as blood and other gory makeup, props, accessories and decorations...

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