Cops’ Lives Matter
I'm thinking about starting a new group called, "Cops Lives Matter."
This hatred-filled group, "Black Lives Matter," I feel, is partially responsible for four brave policemen losing their lives in the past 10 days. And, where is our president...
May the Force be in Billings
I am not a Stars Wars fanatic by any means, but I have to hand it to those who are because they are so dedicated to their cause. I do however have a friend that has collected this stuff since the early '70s and you can bet your bottom dollar he attends just about every convention he can...
Chalk On The Walk in Downtown Billlings Returns on September 19
On Saturday, Sept. 19, your kids will be encouraged to deface public property. That's right -- Chalk on the Walk is back.
In case you're not familiar, this event invites everyone to come do some chalk art on the sidewalks of downtown Billings on Third Avenue starting near North 27th Street at Soup 'n…

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