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This Kid Swallowed What?
Last night when I got home I thought it would be nice to get the kids out a play for a little while since the weather was decent enough to do so. That's when I saw a kid eat something that totally threw me for a loop.
PBR Tickets Galore This Afternoon!
Unless you haven't noticed, The PBR is in town and the action is happening at Rimrock Auto Arena this week! It's an event of ground poundin' action that is not to be missed and I have the hook-up just for you!
What’s Your Date Deal Breaker?
Most of us have been there. That first date where nerves are high and expectations can run even higher. You hope to make a good first impression and only hope that things go well because after could be the last first date of your life.
Duct Tape Fixes Everything
At my age, I have used Duct Tape to fix many things. When you're a guy, it can come in handy to fix many things. If you are a redneck guy like myself, Duct Tape can fix even more.
Rid Billings Of One Thing
I have sat back and thought that if I could rid Billings of one thing, what would it be? That question for me was much harder than I thought it would be.
Bad Place For A Cell Phone Ring
My wife and I were talking last night about various things when a funny, yet bad memory came up about a funeral we attended a few years back. An old friend of mine lost his mother and we went to pay our respects during his difficult time.
What Has Your Dog Destroyed?
What happens when your dog decides to take one of your most important things and make it a chew toy? In this case, I was very upset, but I had to move on because he is a big part of the family.
5 Signs Of A Bad Driver
It's no secret that drivers in the world are getting much worse rather than much better. We have web pages and Facebook pages dedicated to these drivers.

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