The Breakfast Flakes

They Are Suing Us
The 3 Billings policemen who were suspended for having sex while on duty, one of them in the police car, are suing Billings. That means they are suing you.
What the hell is that all about? They are lucky they still have a job and now they are suing...
Topics Of Conversation
I took this photo out at Paul's the other day after we were done moving cows. We were just parked, checking out gopher holes and green grass, and talking about how fuel injection is maybe the greatest thing that's ever happened to the auto industry...
I Want a Recount
After 103.5 inches of snow this winter, we have currently tied the old snow record. I want a recount.
Are you telling me that after all of the different snows we can't find another tenth?
Unless it happens today, this could be it for the year...
Allergy Relief
I guess this is a poll for people who are fighting allergies like I am.
Mine get to acting up terribly this time of year. Claritin D/12 Hour is my "go to" medicine, but it doesn't completely do the trick.
I've seen a very limited amount on essential oils...
Lockwood High School
Ballots went out today for folks in Lockwood. They'll decide if they want a new high school or not. That's the way it should be.
K-8 enrollment is at 1200; it's time for that community to have their own high school. Travel time for kids who drive is at least 45 minutes to Skyview.…
The Birthday Song
"Happy, happy birthday, on your special day. Happy, happy birthday, just wanted to say HEY!"
That's the start of the old birthday song they would sing to you at Red Robin about 20 years ago.
So, do YOU want it sung to you on "your special day"...
Who’s Not On Social Media In Your Universe?
Believe it or not, I'm one of the most active members of my family on social media. Specifically Facebook, for me.
I've got a sister in law who has a "rockstar" social media presence, and one cousin who is active as well.
Other than that, mom, step mom, 3 nieces, and my goo…
Extra Day
Since the IRS computers were down yesterday, you have an extra day to get your taxes done. So, for the 51% of Americans who pay federal income tax, the extra 24 hours may help.
Never forget that Jon Tester thought that you 51% are not paying enough and he didn't vote for this years tax cuts...
Automatic Pepper Grinder
It shouldn't make me as happy as it does, but I just bought a battery operated pepper mill/grinder.
It's not out of laziness, it's being picky about pepper on my food. It's more about liking fresh ground pepper better and now I can actually get as much pepper as I like on my food.…
Take The Time
Attention parents, school employees, and business owners! You might want to attend the huge seminar on drug use among teens at the Lincoln center. It's April 19th, this Thursday at 6:30.
You will learn about all the products and tricks being used in the teen drug world...
Lost And Found Much Later
So, I'm out in my yard this past Sunday checking out what all needs to be trimmed, sprayed, mowed, reseeded, or replanted, and I came across a lost Easter Egg.
A 6 year old, a 10 year old, and a host of adults all combined missed this elusive prize after we had counted up the eggs that had been …
Not One!
There are 379 high schools in Montana, 583 elementary schools, dozens of colleges and community colleges, trade schools etc. There are 10,000 or so employees in our schools and educational facilities and yet Billings could not find one who could run School District 2...

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