The Breakfast Flakes

Food Trucks at Schools
Does anyone like my idea of bringing food trucks to our high schools on a rotational basis. This would be a great step towards making our schools safer. The kids could not leave the confines of a safe campus and yet have a variety food brought to them each day...
Clean Your Room/Car
Growing up, my mom demanded that my room was clean. That meant all laundry picked up, dusting any furniture that needed it and removing all dishes missing from the kitchen and usually found under my bed.
But, my dad was also very insistent that my car didn't look like I was living in it...
Fathers Day
Happy Fathers day to all you dads out there.  Remember, its never too late to become a good one.
It will make a huge difference in your children's life no matter how old they are. Take down those barriers and start today you'll never regret it...
You Aren’t Allowed To Watch Your Kids Golf
As it currently stands in Montana, if your child is playing in a high school golf tournament, you are not allowed to watch them play. Really?
And now the Rocky Mountain PGA has written a letter to the Montana High School Association to change the rule...
No Oldies Today
Sorry no oldies hour today, the computer has completely taken over the controls. That’s scary. Tomorrow we will make it up to you, including the history of the Star Spangled Banner!
Almost Quit Today
So, our computer that controls what actually goes out over the airwaves, went crazy today and wouldn't let me do things the regular way. So, I thought (jokingly) that I was just going to walk out the door and go work some place else.
I've got a problem though...
Why do people have such animosity for people who have worked hard and become wealthy or even just really comfortable?  It's something that everyone wants, yet if they don't get there they hold it against those who do.  Those success stories should be celebrated and used…
My Favorite Bike
Thanks to a post by Jay Burns on Facebook this morning, showing an old bike. it jolted my memory of my old "Aerobee Stingray".
It was beautiful. Handlebars that looked like they belonged on a chopper motorcycle. Black seat with a twin yellow pinstripe...
It’s Working
Jon Tester's campaign is now trying to counter his nickname that he earned after supporting the horrific Iran deal. Tehran Jon's TV commercials are now hoping to get mileage out of their nickname for Matt Rosendale.
Making fun of where you are born won't have nearly the impact as suppo…
Best Advice
I got a call from a young relative last night, asking my advice on a couple of things. I gave her options no matter which way she chose to go. She said that my advice didn't really help her make a choice. And I told her that it's usually never just a simple decision...
The Letter
After 30 plus years its always still good to hear from our listeners. Check out the following.
Sprinkler Head Repair Needed
This is sort of a public service announcement for the owners of Holiday in the heights. One of your sprinkler heads shoots water straight up into the air. Every morning at quarter to 5.
And I only mention this because it was doing this LAST year and apparently never got fixed...

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