The Breakfast Flakes

How Long Is Too Long
My wife had a doctor's appointment yesterday at 10:50 and didn't get in to see the doctor till 12 noon.  Now I don't know how long you would wait, but I would have been long gone.
I think it would be courteous for them to offer a reschedule rather than overbook appointments...
CandyTown USA
We had a great time during our Flakes Trip stop by last night at CandyTown USA. They've got a great selection of candy from when we were kids to a huge selection of bulk candies and even 10 different bins of individually colored M&M's.  ...
Tester Lied
Jon Tester and all his fellow democrats promised you that your health insurance premiums would be lower. They promised that you could keep your doctor and that you could keep your current plan. They promised that your health care would be better...
Tell The DBA What You Want
I read an article in today's paper about what the Downtown Billings Associations dreams are for our downtown area. They want:
Rooftop terrace dining
A trolley or light rail
Fewer one way streets
More bike lanes (to allow more window shopping)
More festivals
Diverting ditch water to the downtown area, givi…
Aging Daylis
School district 2 officials say Daylis Stadium is in the need for some major repairs such as bleachers, rest rooms, locker rooms, etc.  How to pay for it. . . that's the question.  If you cut just 1 administration job you could save over 2...
Another Survey
As I seem to be in an inquisitive mode this week, let's talk casinos.
I'm not a casino gambler. I spend 15 bucks a week on the Powerball lottery, and I wager $ 150.00 per year on the four Fantasy Football Leagues that I'm in. So, I gamble a little...
Take A Knee
I think whenever the Dallas Cowboys introduce Ezekiel Elliott, the cheerleaders should take a knee to bring awareness to the problem that NFL players seem to have with women. You rough them up you miss 6 games.
Do you think any NFL players sexually harass females when they are out, because they are N…
What Brand Of Gas Do You Buy & Why?
With the opening of the new Town Pump in the heights, it got me to wondering what makes people purchase gas from the places they do.
Is it because it's the brand of gasoline? Have you done research and know what brand it best your vehicle...
Can We Support It Financially?
I see that some in Billings are trying to rally support for another hockey team. The question is, can we support it without a influx of tax dollars? We have tried football and hockey before and it can't seem to survive.
With so much competition for your entertainment dollar a sustained hockey fr…
Idea For A New Hunting Firearm
If you follow our blogs, you saw that Paul blogged about his favorite rifle last Friday. Then this morning, he made the comment "you have to spend time with your hunting rifle, like you do with your wife".
So, I've got an idea for a new weapon called "The Wifle&quo…
More Things We Should Build
Yesterday, I detailed plans for my idea of an outdoor concert venue. Today, let's talk dining on the rims.
Back in the sixties, there was a nightclub on the rims, near the airport called The Bella Vista, I believe.
I heard that it had burned down and obviously wasn't rebuilt...
Best Gun Ever
I have a Remington 700 BDL 25-06 that I've had for years.  What a great gun. Hits everything it's pointed at. I don't think there is a better deer gun out there. 56 grains of 4831 with a 100 grain spire point is the best. For some of you it's a good thing there are grocery s…

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