The Breakfast Flakes

Free Tootsie Rolls
If you were offered free Tootsie Rolls over the weekend, when you were at Alberstons, Walmart, and Evergreen IGA, it was part of an annual fundraiser done by the Knights Of Columbus.
They get all of the candy donated by local businesses...
Want My Albums?
I get a lot of calls from people asking if I want to acquire their collection of vinyl albums.
No. Thank you, but still, no.
Now, some calls start with "I think these might be worth something". They're not. No.
"My (insert deceased relative here) had EVERY Beatles album.…
Bullock Won’t Send Them
Our President has requested National Guard troops to secure our southern border. Even Gov. Jerry Brown from California is sending in 400 members. Bullock will use our Guard to help with fires and floods, but not to help with the flood of drugs and Illegal immigrants storming into our country...
Royal Crown Cola
"Me and my RC, me and my RC. Cuz, what's good enough for other folks ain't good enough for me and my RC".
That was the radio jingle RC Cola used in the 70's. And I had gotten my fill of Coca Cola because I got it free while I was bussing tables at 4B's...
The MHSA announced that it will now combine basketball tourneys.
If schools have boys and girls playing at different venues it costs the school more money, plus the fan base has to split up. This is better for families and schools alike...
Does Your Vehicle Have A Name?
Growing up, my dad was a "car guy". He raced other cars from light to light. He would "open it up" on the stretch of I-15 close to Cascade, where you could see cops coming for 4 miles.
He also named most of his vehicles. His 1975 Chevy 1/2 ton with the 454 was &…
Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge vs Whatever You Drive
Here's a couple from this morning:
I named my dog "Chevy", because I know he'll never leave the driveway.
2 of the hardest working pieces on a Ford are the hood and toolbox lid.
Give me some of yours, please. Clean ones.
Golf Anyone?
I think watching golf makes you want to play golf. I saw part of The Masters during lunch yesterday and I thought how awesome it would be to play at a place like that. Then, I thought, maybe it's only because it looked so green and it was Spring there...
Spring Cleaning
I'm in "declutter" mode. I'm spring cleaning and throwing away things that aren't being used.
Who wants some oil filters? Ya got something you'd like to trade? Or you can just have these. They just have to go.
Missing My BBQ
I'm sorry, buddy. You KNOW how much I love spending time with you, but this snow has kept us apart.
It's not just you, either. The Treager and I haven't seen a whole lot of each other either.
So, it's just gonna be another boring dance with the stove inside tonight...
Enough Already
Ok, we set a new record. So, now can we have a little Spring, please? I'm looking forward to some sun and green grass and checking my wells again.
This weather will test your will, patience and resiliency. A sign of better times ahead starts Monday at 5...
Always Answer Mom’s Call
I found a book many years ago entitled "Life's Little Instruction Booklet" and each page had one instruction on it; things like "over tip breakfast waitresses", or "always buy whatever kids are selling when they knock on your door".
Some year…

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