The Breakfast Flakes

A Big Day
Your vote today will decide the direction of America for the next two years. Take this important opportunity to send a message to those whose ideology would transform our country into something we would regret forever. Don't waste this privilege, the future of your children and grandchildren&nb…
15 Million
15 million people each year disregard the flashing red lights and stop signs on a school bus. 15 million. I kicked off a campaign last week called SPEAK UP. If you see this or anything out of the ordinary, SPEAK UP! We need to take control of this stuff no matter if it's a hit and run, a drug d…
Marks Bitmoji
I've got my own "Bitmoji" now. I didn't create it or think that I needed one. I set my phone down where my friends Jena and Jenny got ahold of it and started the rather lengthy process where my "Bitmoji" was created.
I got make a few decisions like hair c…
Who’s wealthy
Democrats despise wealthy people who create jobs. Don't believe me? Listen to Bullock's,Tester's or Williams adds. The wealthiest people in America are Democrats; look at the top businessmen, actors or athletes, all Democrats.
Friday Randomness
Thanks to the staff at Casino 8/Cellar 8 for hosting another great night for our trip sign up. Also, thank you for your generous Flakesgiving donation. And your chili is fabulous.
Six More Days
We will be at Cellar 8 tonight for another trip stop-by. You have 6 more opportunities to get registered for a trip of a lifetime in Jamaica
Rough Night
When Halloween falls on a week night it's hard on the kids. As a father of four, I know how tough it will be to get them rolling the next day. Plus take excitement and combine it with a bunch of candy and it makes it hard to settle them down...
Move Away
I saw a post this morning from a lady advising people to move out of their home towns and find themselves and make their own way.
New Cars
The other day I was driving down the road and I noticed a car I had never seen before. In 2017 there were almost 300 different makes and models to choose from, that does not include all the models coming in from outside of America.
How Much Traffic Enforcement
The three biggest complaints we hear from motorists are speeders, people who don't use their turn signals, and law enforcement talking on their cell phone while driving.

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