The Breakfast Flakes

Best Gun Ever
I have a Remington 700 BDL 25-06 that I've had for years.  What a great gun. Hits everything it's pointed at. I don't think there is a better deer gun out there. 56 grains of 4831 with a 100 grain spire point is the best. For some of you it's a good thing there are grocery s…
Park Ideas
On my 6 mile walk yesterday, I went to Dover Park for the first time. I took a picture of the signs because I was going to blog about dogs not being allowed. But, roughly 16 hours later, I have these thoughts.
I wish I had enough money to buy all of that land and make it an outdoor concert complex...
Accurate Forecast
I told you back in February that it would be sunny and warm this weekend. Well Saturday it will be sunny and 60+.  Every year on the first day of hunting season it's the same.  Next year, sunny and warm on the first day of the big game season, bank on it...
Thinking About Building A Jail
This is all completely fiction, but it was a thought that I had this morning.
I was wondering what kind of business I could build to supplement my income. And for some reason, a jail came to mind.
I have zero actual knowledge about this of course, but hear me out...
Yellowstone county voters will decide on another public safety levy.  The county attorney's office needs more money to help with the backlog of cases.  Why?
32% of all felony cases are now Meth related, 32%.  It's sad what such a milk toast attitude and approa…
Pet Peeve
I went to a high school game yesterday and paid admission to get in. Now, as a property owner in that district, I already pay property taxes every year.
And it's not the amount that bothered me. It just seems to me that if you're already paying a tax for the facility, you shouldn't be charged even mo…
Elk Sandwich
Arby's is going to offer an elk sandwich in Billings. Wrong state. Serve it in Florida, they don't have thousands of freezers filled with deer and elk meat like we do. I'm guessing this won't be around very long. I'll have the Arby's Melt please
Today I have kind of a poll question concerning your athletic shoes. Do you buy one pair a year and all you look at is the cost? Or, do you buy more shoes, more often? And is cost a factor then? Or, are you like me, and have a LOT of shoes that are job or sport specific
I have an old set of Nike…
Where Do These Come From
Every once in a while I find golf balls in my pasture.  The only thing I can think of is my cows have been eating them and then eventually pass them.  I'm finding them in remote areas too, far from any road or access.  Go figure
Traffic Light Needs Updating
So, you're headed south on 27th by the Double Tree Inn. The light turns red and all of a sudden a train start rolling through, turning the traffic light red for all traffic in every direction.
It would be nice if they would update that light with a green arrow to turn left (or east) for those fo…
Where Does Time Go?
Wow how time flies. Hard to believe this was just five months ago, now we are heading to cold and snow.  This always makes us look forward to Spring, a new year and new hope and new life. Have a great weekend.
Stop By
We will be at the Reno Club tonight for a Flakes stop by. Your time is running out to get in for the Flakes trip so tonight is the night between 5 and 7. I'm already going........

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