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Get Mystified With MSTY and Cat Country
You've undoubtedly noticed the Cat Country 102.9 is your official winnin' and grinnin' station. We love to get the best of the best at delivering it to you, the Cat Pack, all of the time. I want to reassure you that we aren't letting up on that in any way...
You’re Winnin’ and Grinnin’ with Hot Rod Thompson
Hey, Cat Pack. It's Hot Rod Thompson and I want to hook you up with the best Billings has to offer this afternoon as you Claw Your Way Home.
Be listening for Two in a Row for Two to the Show for Chris Young Concert tickets and more.
Also, what is the craziest job you've ever had and hav…
Thinking of Our Billings Veterans
As you well know, Wednesday is Veterans Day and saying thank you to our men and women in uniform is one of the most important things we as Americans can do.
Without them, we would literally have nothing. I wouldn't have the freedom to even write this blog...
Hot Rod Dishes Out the Dishes on Today’s Show
We've still have lots of tickets to give and even more fun topics to chat about on today's show. Clawin' Your Way Home is on.

Do you know someone that shares a name with a horror film character?
What's the strangest or funniest thing you've seen at a karaoke bar
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Hot Rod Delivers Sweetness, Yet Again
It's Monday Cat Pack and you know what that means. Another Free Donut Driveby.
Hot Rod Thompson went on the hunt again this morning and found Energy Laboratories Inc. had entered to win three dozen donuts from Log Cabin Bakery. From there, the delivery was on...
Hauntedness Is Coming Up! [Video]
Get ready for a chilling good time Cat Pack! Hot Rod Thompson is on your radio every weekday from 2-7 and here's what he has planned for your today.
Have you ever moved into a house and found out later someone had died there? Was it Haunted...
Congratulations United Blood Services in Billings!
It's Monday and you know what that means. Another Free Donut Drive By!
We drew Lori Henderson from United Blood Services at 1444 Grand Ave in Billings for this week's delivery! I cruised over this morning with 3 dozen Log Cabin Bakery donuts and they came a runnin'...
Clawin’ Your Way Home! [Video]
Are you Clawin' Your Way Home with Hot Rod Thompson? If not, now is the time to start. Live and Local radio right here in Billings, Montana.
He's always taking your calls at 406-248-5665 and wants to hear from YOU!
On today's show, Hot Rod is getting you in the spirit of "Bosse…

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