TSM Billings

Have You Heard of the Farmer Network?
This morning the Farmer peeled back the curtain and shared some real inside Farmer information.
My hope is that he has not started another fad. If the use of Facebook and Twitter starts to go down, I bet you can point directly at Paul as the cause...that and the Farmer Network.
No Justice For Child
A former and current loser serving two life terms for killing his girlfriend and her 20-month-old son, actually had the nerve to file a lawsuit against  Crossroads Correctional Center in Shelby.
According to reports this creep claims his civil rights were violated...
Two Hundred Laws to Take Effect
Remember all those debates in the Legislature last Spring? Apparently there were plenty of arguments about forming new laws for Montana. We don’t either. But ready or not 200 new laws go into effect tomorrow.
We couldn’t tell you two things that needed new laws, l…
Road Kill Law
I spent the weekend in Great Falls. It was time to make the trek before the snow flies.It’s always nice to get out of town, but even nicer to get home.
Another Flakes Party!
Last night at The Den was another of the Flakes parties. Thanks to everyone for showing up and registering for a chance to join us in Mexico. Sometimes the parties are better than the actual trip, because we get to spend time with even more of you.

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