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Another Flakes Party!
Last night at The Den was another of the Flakes parties. Thanks to everyone for showing up and registering for a chance to join us in Mexico. Sometimes the parties are better than the actual trip, because we get to spend time with even more of you.
My What A Large Gourd You Have!
You could say this guy is out of his gourd!
Yeah it’s a bad pun, but ya’ gotta have some fun with this story!  There is a guy in northern Montana who has once again recaptured the state's giant pumpkin record! Everyone has to have goal right...
Fall is Falling!
When you do turn the furnace on at your house?
Is it the same time the sprinkler man comes to the house and blows out the pipes? Is it at the hint of the first snow? Or, maybe at the sight of first snow?
For Paul and I, we agree that when there is a “5” in the temperature i…
Ever Had An Ear Worm?
Have you ever have a song in your head that keeps repeating over and over? That’s called an ear worm. This morning when I got out of the shower I was joined by Tom T. Hall and his song “30 Cents For a Gallon of Gas”. And it’s all because of…
Controversy Continues for the Keystone Pipeline
Yet more controversy over the Keystone Pipeline as opponents celebrate the completion of a barn that was built right in the path of the project! Organizers planned several events Sunday to thank volunteers and mark the completion of the solar- and wind-powered barn that is intended to block the pipe…
Swarms of Earth Quakes Increasing
First it was swarms of killer bees - now we hear there are swarms of earthquakes we have to look out for. Scientists have been busy monitoring earthquake swarms in and around the Yellowstone area.
Okay, I’ll bite, what the hell is an earthquake swarm...

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