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A Piece Of History
I was talking about this earlier on the show this morning. I was driving to work this morning, through the Heights, and my mind starting thinking about Pawn Shops.
Not because I have something to sell, or need a loan. Although my girlfriend might disagree on that...
A Disgrace to the Uniform
A  former Montana Army National Guard soldier charged with fleeing the country, to avoid facing felony sex crime charges has been apprehended in Spain.According to Attorney Leo Gallagher 38-year-old Jeffrey Lane Wenzel was arrested last week...
Free Is The Best Price Of All!
Some good news folks! We can all enjoy visiting Yellowstone and other national parks and not pay a dime. It’s all for free! Yep you heard us right - everyone will be admitted for free on National Public Lands Day coming up on September 28th...
The Quick And The Dead
Somehow this morning we started the show talking about Western movies. And once again we found out the Farmer is not quite up to speed with his movies.
In fact, Paul is so far behind the last Western that he watched was the TV series Dr...
Win a Spot on the Flakes Trip!
You know when the party starts?  Why, when the Breakfast Flakes show up!  How would you like to win a spot on the Flakes big trip? You know it’s sold out right? Well Friday is the big kickoff at Surfer Joes. The event is from 5-7pm! We are doing a live remote and it's …
Good News From MSU!
MUS’s growth continues as more than 15,000 students are making Montana State University their home this fall. President Waded Cruzado says the future is bright and wonderful things are happening at the school!
Always Faithful
Old Faithful proved yesterday that she’s still faithful to Yellowstone National Park visitors. Did you hear that a small earthquake jolted one of the park’s most popular attractions yesterday?
According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a 3...
Peace or Piece?
We’re doing peace songs all this week when the “Farmer picks the song”…problem is that we’ve got caught up in the homonym debate.

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