Carrie Underwood to Be Featured on VH1′s ‘Behind the Music’?
With her first four albums debuting at No. 1 and 15 chart-topping singles under her belt, Carrie Underwood has quite the story to tell. Plus, she has that whole winning ‘American Idol’ in 2005 thing to brag about, too. If you’ve ever wondered how Underwood went from being a smalltown Oklahoma girl t…
Terrified Amusement Park Dad Speaks Out on ‘Today’
Climbing aboard a scary amusement park ride when you’re afraid of heights — like this dad did — takes guts. But appearing on ‘Today’ and explaining your sobbing, terrified reaction? That takes more courage than we can even imagine.
Roundup Wild Fire Grows Rapidly [VIDEO]
Jami Bond first reported the grass fire (Dahl Fire)  in Roundup late yesterday, June 26.  By the time of this posting it has grown to over 10,000 acres!  Animal evacuations took place last night as well as residents leaving their homes.
Louis C.K. and Jay Leno Trade Hilarious Insults
On ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,’ comedian Louis C.K. was riffing on how straight men have to go out of their way to make sure everybody is aware that they are straight. This led Leno to comment that the slovenly ensemble Louis was currently wearing was “the most …

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