Do You Prefer Hot Or Cold?
Here we go again. The temps may have been favoring on the high side lately but we're getting ready for another switch to come Monday.
Over the weekend forecasters are saying that we will literally go from close to 100 down to the upper 60's for the highs in Billings...
Complaining About The Weather
I have started to notice something and I have to laugh. No matter what happens, we as a society for what seems like forever have complained about the weather.
Let's take a look at Billings for example.
Over the past few weeks we have experienced nearly every type of weather...
It is Starting to Feel Like Spring in Billings
It's no secret. I am a fair weather guy and the fair weather sure has felt nice lately. Our neighbors near and far have been hit pretty hard with winter, but it seems we here in Billings have come out well this year.
In fact, they are saying that we will be in the lower to mid 60's by mid w…
Icy Parking Lots Hurt Bad [Opinion]
Recently I went to an unnamed store after it had snowed the other night. As I pulled into the parking lot, it was obviously very slick. Snow had been scraped away, but the underlying ice was still there.
As I tried to find a spot to park, I noticed on the far side of the of the lot some paramedics at…
Sledding in Billings Is On
I got sick again this weekend. That didn't stop my boys from hitting the hills at Skyview High School again though.
The fresh snow Saturday night made for some nice sledding powder, according to my oldest son Rodney.
As I lay sick in bed Sunday, the boys headed out for some rip-roarin' fun a…
What’s Your Favorite Snow Activity?
Song along, "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!"
I know there are many that are dreading the snow, but my kids are loving it big time.
Ever since we got our first storm right before Thanksgiving, they been chomping at the bit to ride their sled...
Billings, is This Weather Normal?
This being my first winter in Billings, I have to sit back and wonder if the weather we are experiencing is normal.
Don't take me wrong. I am not complaining about the weather. As a matter of fact, 60 degrees in December doesn't sound so bad to me personally even though I do like the snow e…

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